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please excuse the mess

I am in the middle of redesigning again, service will soon resume again as normal, except with less eye-pain-inducing stripes.

By the way, all you WordPress users out there, I have a problem. None of the edits I’ve made to the plugin I have for nested comments are reflected on the actual live site. Any idea why? And before you ask, yes I have activated and deactivated it again. I even deleted the whole file and reinstalled it but nada.

EDIT: All redesigned! Although still haven’t worked out the plug-in.

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thunderbirds are go!

I think I might actually be done. I’m not terribly happy with the blog side of things – not enough time to tweak it to fit the rest of the site properly – but never mind. It’s kept me occupied today at least. Am getting increasingly nervous (for nervous, read terrified) and I’m convinced I’ve forgotten so much but am procrastinating rather than checking and double-checking what I have to do. Not sure if that’s counter-productive or not.

This time tomorrow I will be on a plane to Japan!

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