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Has anyone else seen the fallout from the decision of Feministing to launch Decembrow? It’s meant to be the equivalent to Movember, except to get women to try and grow a unibrow in order to raise money for charity. And I know, I know, never read the comments if you wish to retain any sort of faith in humanity but bloody hell! Judging by the reactions they’re getting, you’d think they’d declared a Communist revolution rather than downing tweezers for a month:

“you can always spot a democrat in a crowd. lack of deodorant, unshaven (legs or face), wrinkled clothes. they are the laughing stock of the country”

“These broads are useless. They’re all angry because a house fell on their sister and they haven’t been laid since Eisenhower was in office.”

“I wish MORE of these FEMINISTS/MARXIST would indeed put the mark of Devil on their faces, so that we might know who they are and AVOID them like the plague !

How about in Jan they just tattoo 666 on their foreheads?….Imagine how much easier life would be if these Marxist would just reveal themselves!”

“Every time a ‘feminist’ breaks ranks and gets married, especially to a strong man, they lose a member. This should slow that down for a bit.”

“All of this just because they can’t grow testicles. Poor lesbians, left out of getting prostate cancer too.

Generally speaking, my experience tells me that the more facial hair this particular type of feminist can grow, the better. Paper bags work well too.”

All from The Daily Caller

Oh and also, I think that maybe, just maybe, Frida Kahlo was known for a little more than being “the girlfriend of Marxist Diego Riviera”.

Ai ya. People.

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