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marketers on spirituality

This has to be one of the most obnoxiously cynical sentences I’ve read in a while:

As consumers continue their search for greater meaning, purpose and balance in life, connecting with and facilitating their spiritual journeys will continue to offer attractive opportunities for marketers.

Yankelovich Think Tank, Topic “A”: Spirituality, 2006

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sunday soup: kitchen scavenging

Happy New Year World!

I have spent most of the festive period travelling up and down the country, which has not been the most restful of Christmases. New Year’s Day was spent slipping and sliding (and falling) our way up and down the Malverns but the sunset was worth it.

New Year's Day sunset in Malverns

I have started to make an effort to set achievable goals so I have just the one New Year’s resolution: finally upload all of my travel pictures and get the rest of my flickr photostream up to date. It’s a symbol of how badly I procrastinate that it has come down to this but going for something so simple, this might be the one year I actually keep a resolution. Cambodia is all uploaded (although lacking titles and tags) and I’m halfway through Vietnam now.

Right now I’m home and gearing up for going back to work tomorrow, which begins with the return of Soup Sunday.

Since November, when it started getting cold, I’ve been making soup on Sundays, which we have for lunch and I take the leftovers with me to work for the next two or three days. (I make a lot of leftovers.) It’s incredibly easy and I’m trying to vary it enough that we don’t get sick of it. I’m going to start recording combinations for future reference of what’s good and what’s less so (burning anything is definitely to be avoided – the leek and potato soup tasted fine but it did come out a very off-putting brown colour).

For anyone interested, the basic recipe is usually the same: slow cook the ingredients in a large pan with butter until soft. Blend with half a pint of milk and between one and two pints of vegetable stock (depending on how much actual food content is in there), salt and pepper to taste and voilà!

Because I only got home yesterday, this Sunday’s soup was whatever I had lying around that was still edible after the holiday period (which was a surprising amount):

  • 1 sweet potato
  • 1 yam
  • 5 small to medium carrots (stolen from John)
  • 2 small red onions
  • 3 cloves of garlic

For such a makeshift soup, it turned out well.

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