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a photo a day: april 2011

Bit late with this post, the approach of summer is meaning increased busyness.

April 2011

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a photo a day: march 2011

Spring is coming!

March 2011

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a photo a day: february 2011

Oh my goodness, we’re already a sixth through the year (give or take a couple of days).

February 2011

I am kind of expecting another month of cold weather before spring kicks in, especially as today was freezing again. In the meanwhile though, I am off to Spain in TWO days! I am so excited!

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a photo a day: january 2011

Hooray! I have made it through my first month of daily photos!

Check ‘em out.

January 2011

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merry christmas!

Oh Christmas Tree

As usual, I have been scant with the Christmas cards this year (um, I’ve written two) but I did get you some library books – just if you decide you want to get them out, you’ll have to go to Cambodia.

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas/general festive period with terrible amounts of overeating, plenty of booze and snoozing on warm sofas. We have a lot of cheese tonight, Beef Wellington tomorrow and I will be cooking up a storm of a roast lamb on Boxing Day (I hope.)

Be well everyone ♥

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